Megan’s Movement Minute: Run Strong!

If there is one thing I wish every fellow runner knew, it’s this: strength training is your best ally!


Strength training is an often overlooked part of a great running program. If you’re injured, this set of exercises can help ease your pain. If you’re not, they’ll help improve your endurance and help prevent injuries from happening.


Start with three sets of eight to 12 repetitions. Do both sides, not just the painful one. If your pain increases after the exercises for more than 30 minutes, remove the provocative one and speak with a physical therapist.



To learn more about how SWORD’s virtual PT solutions can help you and your employees move their way to better health, contact us here.


Run on!


About the author: Megan Hill, PT, DPT

Megan Hill, Doctor of Physical Therapy, is a licensed physical therapist focused on musculoskeletal rehab and chronic pain management. She dropped her plans to go to law school for physical therapy after a knee injury from the Chicago Marathon left her in need of rehab, and she hasn’t looked back since. She’s on a mission to empower people to manage their health through exercise, education and coaching, rather than relying on passive approaches.


Megan earned a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC). She also holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology from Duke University and is a certified running coach.


Megan lives in Denver, Colorado, where she spends every spare second running, biking, hiking, sailing and stand up paddleboarding with her husband, Layton, and dog, Ollie.

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