We’re building the future of physical therapy

We do so by combining AI with high-precision motion tracking sensors, allowing our patients to have access to high-quality physiotherapy without having to leave their homes.

How it works?


The clinical team remotely prescribes a tailored rehabilitation program to each patient. The new program is now available to be delivered by the digital therapist.


With the new program, the digital therapist guides the patient throughout the session


At the end of each session, the patient’s results are automatically available on the Phoenix Portal, where the clinical team can evaluate and adapt the training accordingly.

We are a solution for





Tailored programs that maximize recovery

  • Evidence-based rehabilitation processes
  • Customizable to each patient’s needs
  • Streamlined prescriptions processes maximize productivity

A high-quality, cost-effective therapy

    • The digital therapist maximizes intensity and performance
    • Independent home-based sessions under clinical monitoring
    • Clinical teams can treat up to 5 times more patients

Automated progress analysis

  • Data-driven decisions maximize results
  • Auditable data for transparent accountability
  • Treat patients on the whole continuum of care
“If it wasn’t for SWORD Phoenix, I wouldn’t be walking by now. Everyone should have access to this. I don’t have to get out of the house, face trafic or change my routine... I recovered right at home!
— Mary Spears, Knee Surgery

A therapy made for you

  • State of the art rehabilitation programs
  • Adapted to your specific needs
  • Available exactly when you need it

No place like home

  • You can have your sessions when it’s more convenient
  • Real-time bio-feedback ensures you perform better
  • Engaging therapies keep your motivation high


Minutes of theraphy

Two therapists are better than one

  • Your digital therapist guides you through the session
  • Your physical therapist monitors your progress
  • The two work together to maximize results
SWORD Health is thankfully way ahead of where healthcare needs to go. They’re democratizing rehabilitation in a way that not only will extend the clinicians’ reach to more patients, but will also improve outcomes and lower cost.
— Tom Paprockri, Direct Supply

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