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Meet Sword

The first end-to-end solution that combines artificial intelligence with clinical expertise to expand access to world-class care.


Digital physical therapy combines the expertise of a Doctor of Physical Therapy with the power of interactive AI —offering all the benefits of in-person PT, and making it the most effective and clinically rigorous solution in its class. Clinical experts design and guide custom programs, and our proprietary FDA-listed technology provides real-time feedback during every session, ensuring proper form and driving best-in-class outcomes.


An innovative, effective, digital pelvic-therapy solution, Bloom helps women suffering from pelvic health issues such as urinary leaking, bowel disorders, and pelvic pain, in all stages of life including pregnancy, postpartum, and menopause. The FDA-listed Bloom pod tracks the force, endurance, and accuracy of pelvic floor muscles, offering real-time feedback and results.


Move is the only whole-body solution designed to address low pain, reduce injury risk, and help members start moving more in the right ways for them—avoiding acute pain and over 20 costly chronic conditions attributed to physical inactivity.


MSK surgeries are most employers’ #1 healthcare cost—but 35% of them are preventable through timely intervention. Predict is the first AI engine built to detect the members at highest risk for avoidable MSK surgery and treat them in less invasive and expensive ways.


Avoid expensive and unnecessary ER visits and healthcare bills with On-Call. Members can open the Sword app and immediately chat with a clinical expert, 24/7, 365 days a year, and get help for their pain in 5 minutes or less.


Academy is an in-app library of high-quality video content to help members understand pain, reduce injury risk, and build healthy habits. Members can learn about sleep, nutrition, pain prevention, pelvic health, and more—all directly from clinical experts.


By delivering clinically validated exercises and education to employees around the world, Atlas helps international organizations promote health equity, while driving down healthcare costs and giving employees the opportunity to live life free from pain.

Customer savings delivered to date

By helping members avoid surgery, ER visits, and painkillers, we drastically reduce medical spending through clinical outcomes that are unmatched. As confirmed in an independent study, Sword delivers:

  • 3:1

    The industry’s highest independently validated gross savings ratio1

  • $3,012

    Customer savings per member per year on care for MSK disorders and related chronic conditions2

  • 50%

    Reduction in the rate of costly surgeries3

Ai Care

AI Care = Human clinicians + AI

When the power of human-in-the-loop AI meets expert clinicians, world-class care is infinitely more convenient, accessible, and scalable. Everyone gets the care they deserve, and companies save money. The ultimate win-win.

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  • Human Clinical

    Offers clinical expertise, empathy, and the human touch

  • AI Care

    Provides accessibility, scalability, and hyper‑personalization

Meet Phoenix — the future of personalized care.
Why Sword

Give your people power over pain.

Your people get the clinical, individualized treatment they need from the comfort of home—freeing them from pain, and you from lost productivity and costly healthcare bills.
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10 weeks into the Sword MSK program, my back pain dissolved
“10 weeks into the program my back pain completely dissolved. It’s like complete freedom from something that’s been terrorizing you 24 hours a day.”
Sword member
of members are pain-free4
Member Satisfaction Score5
Reduction in anxiety6
Member Impact

The proof is in the results.

With our member-first approach, we deliver the highest engagement, completion rate, and member satisfaction of any company in the industry.
It’s the best health and wellness program Logicalis has ever implemented.
Mark Jenkins
VP of Human Resources at Logicalis
Reduction in depression7
Increase in productivity9
up to 70%
Reduction in surgery intent10

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Free your members from pain.
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Our Platform

The most clinically rigorous team + the most powerful AI

Clinical rigor
Powerful technology
Member-first approach
Industry-leading outcomes & ROI

Clinical Rigor

Our team is composed of experienced specialists each with a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree. Our members work with clinical experts 100% of the time—never health coaches. And we have more FDA-listed devices, technology patents, published clinical studies, and regulatory clearances than any other company in the industry.

Powerful technology

The Sword platform is based on the delivery of expert care that’s powered by the proprietary technology we build into all of our products. AI delivers live corrections to members, ensuring every exercise is completed with perfect form.
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Member-first approach

The member experience is ultra-personalized, with each custom treatment plan designed by the same clinical expert who will coach the member every step of the way. Real-time feedback and ongoing dialogue allow members to understand their progress—and enable clinical experts to continuously tailor programs to help them reach their goals.

Industry-leading outcomes & ROI

By helping members avoid surgery, ER visits, and painkillers, we drastically reduce healthcare costs through clinical outcomes that are unmatched—saving our customers an average of $2,472 per member per year and delivering a 3x ROI, the best in the industry.

Loved by our members

We’ve helped thousands of people feel better, avoid surgeries, eliminate medications, recover from surgery, and get their lives back.

I really do think that movement is medicine. Sword was instrumental for my knee pain. Had it not been for that, I might not have made it.


You have the power to get out of [pain]. It's a very isolating feeling, and this journey has let me be so much more present. I'm excited I get to do this with my kids.


I battled a shoulder injury for years and even had surgery in 2017 but I was still in pain. With Sword, I am pain free with a full range of movement that I didn’t have before!


This product has freed me from so much pain and has literally given me my freedom of movement back.

Cynthia K

[Sword] helped me stay away from obesity...and it helped me find my path as a father so my kids have a good role model. Being able to move is a blessing.


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Solve pain. Save millions.



Study Results on Medical Cost Savings Conducted by Risk Strategies Consulting, June 2024


ROI Explanation: The return on investment (ROI) is calculated as the untruncated gross medical savings ($3,012) divided by program fees ($989) as reported in the study. This calculation is based on the study's specific data.


Surgery Reduction: Surgery reduction figures are based on comparative studies between Sword participants and a control group receiving traditional care.


*% of members who enroll in our programs with moderate to severe pain and by the end of the program have only mild or no pain. Sword BoB H1 2023


Sword book of business, 2021


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