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The next generation of women’s pelvic health care.

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Bloom app and ELVIE Pelvic Floor Trainer
Therapy for pelvic floor dysfunction

Pelvic health therapy from home

We developed Bloom to connect millions of women with clinical-grade pelvic health care, accessible from anywhere, at any time.
1 in 4
individuals suffer from moderate to severe pelvic health disorders
6.5 years
the average amount of time women wait to seek care
of women with chronic pelvic pain report reduced productivity
more direct medical costs than for healthy women

The Program

We combine individualized care from Pelvic Health Specialists, the Bloom Pod, and the Bloom App, providing real-time progress and results.
Access to professional pelvic health specialists

Comprehensive care

Pelvic health therapy for every condition and every life stage, accessible from anywhere.
Therapy for pelvic pain

Pelvic Pain

Help for women's bowel and bladder disorders

Bowel & Bladder Disorders

Therapy for women's sexual disorders

Sexual Health



Postpartum problems


Relief for menopausal symptoms



Pelvic health care impacts both body and mind

Pelvic health is often ignored, overlooked, and stigmatized. We are here to change that.
Do you experience pain or pressure in your pelvic area? We can help.

How it works


Check benefits coverage

Members check if they are covered. If yes, they complete the enrollment form.


Meet Pelvic Health Specialist

Members meet virtually with a specialist and get insights into their tailored program.


Bloom kit is shipped

The kit is shipped, including the Bloom Pod, which is then paired with the Bloom App.


The journey begins

Members find relief from pain with a program tailored just for them, all from the comfort of home.


Continuous support

The PHS continuously monitors the program and checks in with the member.

Like many, I’ve suffered with chronic pelvic pain for a long time and was repeatedly told that it was normal. For all of you in the same situation, it’s an absolute honor to provide this innovative solution to help people all around the world.
Marta Cardeano
Bloom General Manager
Bloom GM, Marta Cardeano

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Frequently asked questions

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