The Future of Health Isn’t Just Digital, It’s Diverse

Pain affects everyone, but not everyone can get the care they need to overcome it. Persistent disparities prevent many people from receiving quality treatment and achieving optimal health.

We’re on a mission to change this reality — for good.
Begin Within

In order to create a more equitable future for all members, we start from within

For us, DE&I isn’t just a corporate buzzword, and we aren’t just checking a box. We believe we are made stronger by our differences; they are key to our productivity, innovation, and industry-leading success. Sword’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion begins with the kind of company we’re creating. You can see it in the people we hire.

Health equity at Sword Health
Diverse workforce
Sword Health is committed to a diverse workplace
Multi-cultural backgrounds
Different countries
Female employees
Clinical Team

A diverse population requires a diverse team of experts to treat them

Our commitment to putting patients first means giving them access to the best and most diverse talent. As a result, our clinical team has better racial representation and diversity than the national average.
From underrepresented minority groups
African American vs. 5–6% national average
Different languages
Building the future

We are breaking through the barriers that traditional healthcare has built

Sword deeply believes in a more diverse, equitable and inclusive future — one where access to high‑quality care is not determined or hindered by race, gender, socio-economic background, sexual orientation, digital literacy, or location.

As a leader in the digital health space, we have the responsibility — and the opportunity — to break down these systemic barriers to good health.

We are proud that our solutions overcome many of the barriers that disproportionately impact disadvantaged communities, and we will continue to work every day to make our programs better for everyone.
Vijay Yanamadala
Sword Chief Medical Officer
Vijay Yanamadala
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A life free of pain starts here.

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