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NameNumberIssue Date
Method and device for synchronizing data packets from embedded data sensors monitoring body motion of a patientEP3804420B12021-12-15
Method and system for calibrating sensorsEP3847418B12022-01-12
Method and system for determining a correct reproduction of a movementUS11372484B2 US20230004236A12022-06-28
Control of a Motion Tracking System by User ThereofEP3953801B12022-06-29
Magnetometerless detection of incorrect attachment and calibration of motion tracking systemEP3903065B12022-11-09
Gyroscope Drift Estimation and Compensation with Angle of Arrival of Electromagnetic WavesUS11609102B12023-03-21
Wireless Connections Between Devices of Motion Tracking System and Authentication of a User ThereofEP3993693B12023-04-05
Determination of cause of disconnection of sensors of a motion tracking systemEP3984008B1 2023-05-17
Method and System for Tracking Movement of a Person with Wearable SensorsEP3946048A12023-12-07
Method and system for determining a correct reproduction of a movementUS20230004236A12023-08-08
Estimation or Verification of Distance of a Target with Angle of Arrival or Angle of Departure DataUS11726165B12023-08-15
Correction of Heading Errors of Inertial Measurement Units of a Motion Tracking SystemUS11774246B22023-10-03
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