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Avoid unnecessary ER visits with on-demand help for pain.

Chat with an expert

Members can open the Sword app and type a question or concern directly in the chat.

Pain Specialists

Pain experts provide guidance to help members get top-quality care, avoid unnecessary ER visits, and find relief fast.

Immediate answers

The average wait time at the ER is 160 minutes. Pain Specialists respond directly in less than 5 minutes.

Pain can’t wait, and immediate access saves money.

Every year, there are 45 million unnecessary ER visits related to non-severe MSK conditions, costing an average of $1,389 per visit. On-Call is designed so people can get immediate help and avoid costly ER visits .
  • No more unnecessary ER visits
  • No more avoidable appointments
  • No more waiting for guidance
  • No more wasted money
MSK issues are a main driver for ER visits1
average cost of an ER visit2
of ER visits are avoided with On-Call3

Help from head to toe.



Human impact

I battled a shoulder injury for years and even had surgery in 2017, but I was still in pain. With Sword, I am pain free with a full range of movement that I didn’t have before!


Sword Member

Enjoy your favorite activities without MSK pain
I really do think that movement is medicine. Sword was instrumental for my knee pain. Had it not been for Sword, I might not have made it.


Sword member

Movement is medicine
You have the power to get out of [pain]. It’s a very isolating feeling, and this journey has let me be so much more present. I’m excited I get to do this with my kids.


Sword member

Enjoy activities with your kids
[Sword] helped me stay away from obesity ... and it helped me find my path as a father so my kids have a good role model. Being able to move is a blessing.


Sword member

Enjoy your favorite activities without MSK pain

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