AI designed to make world‑class care accessible to all

Meet Phoenix—the future of personalized care.

AI Care = Human clinical specialist + AI Care Specialist

We know pain comes in many forms and affects each person differently—which is why our AI Care model combines what human clinicians and AI each do best, resulting in a far more personalized member experience than either could deliver on their own.

  • Human-led feedback

    During every therapy session, Phoenix monitors and communicates with members, providing them with feedback in real time. This ensures they are moving correctly and progressing appropriately, facilitating faster and better outcomes.

  • Data-driven progression

    AI provides our clinical specialists with comprehensive member updates and performance metrics after every session, helping them better understand members’ limitations and improvements. This enables clinicians to make continual program adjustments as members’ needs change.

  • Predictive engagement

    We use an AI-powered detection engine to find and personally engage members who are at high risk of needing costly procedures, interventions, or surgery—so we can treat them with non-invasive clinical care before it’s too late.

Over a decade of AI innovation


While earning his PhD in electrical engineering, our founder—Virgílio “V” Bento—invented the first AI-powered healthcare delivery device.


Sword Health was founded.


Our flagship AI Care solution, which revolutionized how we treat MSK pain—and for which we hold multiple patents—was FDA-listed.


Published our first clinical paper—the first of 29 (and counting), more than all our competitors combined.


Launched our flagship AI Care solution in the U.S.


Expanded our AI Care model to include Bloom, the next generation of women’s pelvic health care.


Introduced the world’s first platform of AI Care solutions to predict, prevent, and treat pain.


Launched Predict, the first AI engine built to detect and engage the highest-risk members to help avoid costly procedures and surgeries.


Delivered our one-millionth AI Care session.


Launched the next generation of personalized care with Phoenix—the world’s first AI Care Specialist, who can communicate with members through natural conversation.


Risk Strategies Consulting confirmed Sword’s AI Care model delivers a 3:1 ROI on medical spend, the highest and only independently validated ROI in the industry.

AI sessions delivered to members globally to date

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Humans are always in the loop to ensure equity, responsibility, and safety.

Developed for equity

Human input is integral to both the training and testing of our human-in-the-loop AI. We use large, inclusive datasets to minimize algorithmic bias and train all clinicians to avoid unconscious bias.

Deployed responsibly

We use AI for biofeedback collection and accessibility—never to make clinical decisions. All AI-suggested program adjustments, which are routinely judged against human decisions, must be reviewed and approved by a clinician.

Safety, privacy, and protection

We enforce strict, state-of-the-art measures to ensure our AI systems perform reliably—while protecting private health information in compliance with HIPAA and other data privacy regulations, so members always have peace of mind.

A life free of pain starts here.

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