Sword Predict

Introducing the first AI engine to predict and avoid unnecessary surgeries.

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What if you could predict surgery before it's needed?

The only end-to-end solution that can avoid unnecessary surgeries and related costs.

  1. Predict candidates for surgery


    Identify members 10x–40x more likely to have surgery.

  2. Engage with at-risk members you've identified


    Engage members up to 8 months in advance of surgery.

  3. Provide physical therapy instead of surgery


    Treat members with Sword's Digital Physical Therapy.

Surgery is the number 1 employer healthcare cost
employer healthcare cost
$71 billion - cost of MSK surgery
annual MSK surgery cost
50 percent of surgeries are unnecessary
of surgeries may be unnecessary


We use machine learning to find at-risk members and save you millions

Time is the key element to being able to impact a course of care for a member. Predict has been built to spot at-risk members before they become surgical candidates and provide them with better, more effective care.


Creating the future of precision healthcare

Our goal is to find the people who need us most and enroll them in a solution that will free them from pain. No surgery, no excess cost or time wasted.

Behavioral economics

Behavioral Economics

Data science

Data Science

Data processing

Proprietary Technology

On-call consulting

Individual Clinical Support

The Holy Grail in healthcare is the ability to drive costs down while, at the same time, materially improving clinical outcomes. With Predict, we are able to deliver exactly that, by meaningfully reducing the need for unnecessary surgeries, while providing members with effective pain relief.
Virgílio “V” Bento
Sword CEO, Chairman and Founder
Virgilio B. Benton
Personalized approach

Engagement, reimagined

Our engagement is delivered by humans, leveraging technology to reach members at a critical point on their journey. High-touch engagement and support provides individuals a chance to recover when and where it’s most convenient to them.
Data analysis
Dynamic Stratified Campaigns
Content is tested and optimized for the individual using Data Science & Behavioral Economics.
Fast entry into physical therapy
Fast Frictionless Onboarding
At-risk members have a specific, streamlined protocol that gets them on track quickly.
Real-time alarms
Real-Time Engagement Feeds
Real-time data triggers a connection with members during a pain episode.

Why the current solutions don't cut it

Current solutions that use risk models do not result in decreased costs because they lack integration, innovation, advanced engagement and personalized treatment solutions.

Sword Predict

Pinpoint solutions are not connected with the end treatments members need

Sword Predict

Standard claims analysis lacks the technology needed to find members before its too late

Sword Predict

Generalized marketing campaigns do not reach or engage the right members

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Predict and prevent surgery now.

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