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November 10, 2022
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Today Sword Health expands its efforts in solving pain by pioneering a new solution that sits at the intersection of physical therapy and fitness. Sword Move is the first of its kind movement health solution that will empower members to start moving, stay moving, and live pain-free.

Real results come from real human connection

Most fitness solutions trend toward a one-size-fits-all model, and therefore struggle to garner engagement and drive results. By using technology to scale the human expertise of certified Personal Trainers - all of whom are trained to understand and solve for the specific activity needs and nuances of each individual - Sword Move will keep users engaged via personalized programming while simultaneously driving trackable results.

Sword Move’s innovation solution for helping members start moving, stay moving, and live pain-free

Sword Move combines data from users’ wearable devices with a dedicated personal trainer, to deliver personalized movement programs. Each program is tailored to the member, and will feature evidence based exercises developed by Sword’s clinical team. Users can track their progress over time, and will have continuous access and communication with their certified personal trainer, thereby ensuring the member is consistently engaged, supported, and connected to their goals. The programs are designed to cater to all ability levels, comorbidities, and past injury considerations. Unlike traditional fitness solutions, Move creates connection, and provides the insight and accountability needed to change or establish new behaviors.

“At Sword, we don’t believe in ‘pain management,’ we believe in solving pain, definitely. We do this by either treating it effectively—or by making sure that it won’t happen in the first place through active prevention,” said Virgilio Bento, Founder and CEO, Sword Health. “Approximately 50% of MSK pain results from a lack of physical activity, and 80% of adults do not meet the minimum recommendation of 20-25 minutes a day. This is one of the root causes behind the physical pain epidemic we’re seeing in the world. Sword Move solves this problem by pioneering the new field of Movement Health, enabling a successful and active prevention of MSK conditions by merging the fields of physical therapy and fitness.”

Offering a wide range of content and services focused on delivering health outcomes, Sword Move will comprise five core features: Personal Trainers, Wearable Integration, Individual Assessment and Monitoring, and Personalized Movement Modules.

“The possibilities of Sword Move are limitless. We anticipate it will draw a wide range of users, from sedentary beginners or seniors working on fall prevention, to those with physical labor job roles who are looking for an intuitive specialized program to engage with and help them achieve their goals,” said Manisha Athukolara, General Manager of Sword Move. “We are providing wider access to holistic, personalized programming and ongoing support - which has traditionally only been available to a few people - in an effort to not only get users moving more, but moving in the right way.”

Sword Move Pillars to a Pain Free Life:

  • Personal Trainer: A dedicated and certified personal trainer is with you every step of the way. Real human connection, support, programming, and accountability will help you to achieve your personal goals.

  • Wearable Integration: Connect a wearable device to see your progress, understand how your environment, sleep and habits impact your health, and give data back to your personal trainer to more precisely tailor your program and provide feedback.

  • Personalized Assessment & Monitoring: Reduce the chance for risks, gaps, and unknowns in your physical health. Personal assessment data will allow you and your personal trainer to understand opportunities to improve, set realistic goals, and see them come to fruition without fear.

  • Personalized Movement Programs: No more guesswork, confusion, or intimidation around where to start. No more struggling to find the right YouTube video or wondering if you’re doing an exercise properly. Prescribed programs will be accompanied by high quality, engaging video instruction. Every week you will get a series of movement modules based on your goals, lifestyle, job function, progress, and schedule.

Sword Health provides healthcare that evolves with you.

Sword Move arrives on the heels of the massively successful launch of Bloom, the company’s novel solution to address women’s physical health and pelvic issues.

Now members can easily move through the Sword continuum of care at any time in their journey. Sword Move, Sword Digital Physical Therapist, and Bloom can be integrated to continuously support member health throughout different stages of their life.

Learn more about Sword Move.

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