Independent Study Confirms Sword Health Delivers Highest Validated ROI in Healthtech, Saving $3 in Medical Spend for Every $1 Spent on the Program¹

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June 25, 2024

Study finds that participants in the Sword Health program achieve $3,012 gross savings annually per member—the highest across the healthtech industry.²

New York, June 25, 2024—A new study by Risk Strategies Consulting (RSC), a leader in actuarial and risk management consulting, has confirmed that participants in the Sword Health program save $3,012 annually on musculoskeletal (MSK) and physical inactivity-related healthcare expenses compared to non-participants.³ These savings are primarily due to a 50% reduction in MSK surgeries and lower utilization of therapy, office visits, imaging, and emergency room services.⁴ The overall medical cost savings translate to a 301.2% return on investment (ROI), marking the highest independently validated medical savings in the health tech market based on Sword Health's analysis.⁵

Supporting these findings, the Peterson Health Technology Institute published a report indicating that digital MSK solutions like Sword Health provide clinically meaningful improvements in pain and function that are comparable to in-person therapy, with significant potential to reduce overall healthcare spending.⁶

“In this independent analysis by a third party, it was demonstrated that Sword is able to deliver the highest level of cost savings in the healthtech space, saving our clients $3 in wasteful healthcare spend for each $1 spent with Sword," said Virgilio "V" Bento, founder and CEO of Sword Health. "In today's economic climate, where companies are being pressured to increase efficiencies, we're seeing an acceleration of Sword's adoption in the market precisely because we're able to deliver this magnitude of cost savings in our clients' healthcare costs, which is an area that has historically been very challenging to manage.”

This announcement coincides with the launch of Phoenix, an AI Care Specialist that guides members through sessions with the expertise of a clinician, available anytime and anywhere. Sword Health has delivered over three million AI sessions and is accessible to over 10,000 employers across three continents.

“For health plans and employers in the U.S., MSK spend is the largest cost category–30% more than cancer and diabetes combined,” continued Bento. "The accepted wisdom in healthcare is that you can't improve cost, quality, or access without harming the others. But we continue to prove that with AI Care, we finally have a model that can improve all three at once."

The full report can be found here.

Methodology Risk Strategies Consulting employed a retrospective cohort analysis on 2,815 Sword members and 5,441 controls, utilizing propensity score matching and difference-in-difference calculation. The study spans 18 months, analyzing continuous engagement nine months pre- and nine months post-enrollment, adjusted for 2024 inflation, COVID-19 impact, and chronic conditions. Savings were annualized.⁷

About Sword Health Sword Health is on a mission to free two billion people from pain with its pioneering AI Care platform. By integrating clinical expertise with AI, Sword delivers customized care globally—anytime, anywhere. The company has provided over three million AI sessions, holds the majority of industry patents, and has raised over $300 million from leading venture firms. Ranked the 26th fastest-growing U.S. company on the Inc. 5000 list, Sword Health is transforming healthcare by making world-class care accessible to all while saving millions in healthcare costs. Visit for more information.

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Savings and ROI are based on $3,012 in untruncated musculoskeletal and physical inactivity-related event savings compared to a matched control group. ROI claim is specific to medical savings only and is based on Sword Health's interpretation of recent studies.


Claim based on Sword Health's comparative analysis of available industry data.


Gross savings include $2,813 from direct MSK treatment and $199 from physical inactivity-related events. Physical inactivity-related chronic conditions (PICC) include obesity, depression, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, hypertension, sleep disorder, and osteoporosis.


Savings stem from a 50% reduction in MSK surgeries and lower use of therapy, office visits, imaging, and emergency room services according to the RSC study.


The claim of overall medical cost savings translating to a 301.2% ROI is based on Sword Health's calculation of gross medical return on investment. The validation as the highest independently validated savings in the health tech market is based on Sword's analysis.


Peterson Health Technology Institute report on the effectiveness and savings potential of digital MSK solutions like Sword Health.


RSC analysis included adjustments for inflation to 2023 values, COVID-19 impacts, and chronic conditions. Lower savings may be realized if participants without standard MSK treatment were included.

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