Sword Health Unveils Bloom, A Novel Approach to Redefine Women’s Physical Health

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March 8, 2022
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NEW YORK, NY, March 08, 2022 -- SWORD Health™, leader in digital musculoskeletal care, today announced a new solution, Bloom, targeted at providing at-home physical health therapy for women.

Bloom combines clinical-grade, innovative technology with the human guidance of a Pelvic Health Specialist to create the first comprehensive therapy solution to help women dealing with pelvic health conditions in the convenience of their homes.

In the US alone, one in every four women suffer from pelvic health disorders. These conditions include sexual health, bowel or bladder and pelvic pain disorders, which can be present through all stages of a women’s life, including pregnancy, post partum, menopause. Bloom will support with a non-invasive solution to improve the pelvic floor function and to help reduce chronic pain and dysfunction which can decrease the need for painkillers or prematurely recommended invasive options, like surgery.

This new solution is able to address disparities in women's physical health by creating technology that provides a personalized way to assess the needs of every woman. Bloom is currently the only sensor-based digital solution coupled with clinical guidance from experienced Pelvic Health Specialists to provide a service that is truly first of its kind.

“Women’s physical health has been an overlooked problem in healthcare for decades. Right now, one in every four women suffer from pelvic disorders, without being able to access a solution that is both clinically effective and convenient. That’s why we’ve decided to launch Bloom:we believe every woman should be able to have access to the best care and not suffer in silence. After developing the new gold standard of care for back and joint pain, Bloom is our next step towards fulfilling our mission to free two billion people from pain”. said Virgilio Bento, CEO of SWORD Health.

Bloom provides comprehensive premium care for women by matching members with a Pelvic Health Specialist who will guide them through a tailored exercise program based on their needs. Members can easily assess their personalized treatment plans and be guided during exercises by using a pelvic sensor that tracks pressure movements. The Bloom sensor, connected to the mobile app, enables members to engage in therapeutic exercises from the comfort and privacy of their homes while receiving feedback in real-time.

“I’ve suffered many years with pelvic pain and it’s now an honor to build this solution that will help thousands of women across the world. Just like me, many women simply don’t know there are solutions that can help free them from pain. We are here to support the female population with effective and non-invasive solutions to improve their quality of life,” said Marta Cardeano, General Manager of Bloom. “Bloom technology is providing a new way for women to address their pelvic disorders from the privacy and convenience of their homes.”

Bloom experience

Bloom combines innovative technology and the human expertise of a Pelvic Health Specialist to offer the most comprehensive and clinical-grade pelvic health solution on the market.

  • When a member starts her journey with Bloom she will be matched with a Pelvic Health Specialist who will guide through a tailored exercise program based on her needs.
  • The member will start the program with a pelvic sensor that tracks and measures the pressure, stamina and accuracy of the pelvic floor.
  • The Bloom sensor connects to the app, allowing members to receive real-time feedback while performing their exercises.
  • All members will have access to a mobile app to see their tailored program, perform their exercise sessions and analyze their evolution. The Bloom app has clinical-grade educational resources and cognitive behavioral therapy to support each member and help them navigate their conditions.
  • After each session, the results are automatically available on the Bloom Portal, where the Pelvic Health Specialist can analyze them and make the necessary changes to ensure members are always progressing through their individual journey.

Whether patients are suffering from pelvic pain, bowel/bladder and sexual health disorders, or going through pregnancy, postpartum, or menopause, Bloom can provide women with the answers and care they need.


SWORD Health is the world’s fastest growing virtual musculoskeletal (MSK) care provider, on a mission to free two billion people from acute, chronic, and post-surgical physical pain. It is the first virtual solution to pair its members with a licensed physical therapist and the SWORD Health Digital Therapist, to deliver a clinically-proven, personalized treatment plan that is more effective, easier, and less expensive than the traditional gold standard of care. SWORD Health believes in the power of people to recover at home, without resorting to imaging, surgeries or opioids. Since launching in 2015, SWORD Health has worked with insurers, health systems, and employers in the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Australia to make high quality musculoskeletal care accessible to everyone.

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