Why Sword Health is launching a new movement to free the world from pain

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June 30, 2022
Sword Health: freeing the world from MSK pain

Pain impacts more than 2 billion people across the world. That’s more than one-third of the global population struggling with acute and chronic conditions, pre-and-post operative discomfort, and untreated injuries. And that’s just the physical symptoms. Anxiety, depression, fear – when our physical health suffers, so does our mental health. There’s a clear correlation.

At this moment, pain is the most widespread epidemic facing the world — and it affects everyone, whether directly or indirectly through a loved one.

When we founded Sword Health, we set out to solve a problem that I saw so many people suffering from, my own family included. A problem that scientists and doctors have been trying to solve for the past several hundred years. A problem that’s all-too-often punted to surgery and pills as the solution.

That’s why we founded Sword: to free the world from the limits of pain. From the beginning, I’ve been certain that the solution lies in technology – not in pills.

That’s why we founded Sword: to free the world from the limits of pain.

From the beginning, I’ve been certain that the solution lies in technology – not in pills, medication dependency or surgeries. We needed a new, technology-based solution that would scale up our current clinical teams and allow us to treat patients in need of high-intensity, high-quality physical therapy. And that’s the journey we’ve embarked on. Our Digital Physical Therapist is an AI technology that’s been intentionally built with clinical rigour to increase the reach of existing human teams. It’s built to strengthen the relationship with your PT, delivering real-time feedback and data so PTs can enhance and improve patient sessions. The outcome? Patients are able to recover at home more efficiently, without compromising the quality of care, patient experience or clinical outcomes.

And what’s the impact of all this? We have many patients who were unable to move, run or even pick up their kids, who were hooked on a daily dose of opioids or painkillers, who had tried everything but nothing had worked. Now, thanks to Sword, these same patients are living a full life again.

At this pivotal moment in Sword Health’s journey, our ambition is to provide the new gold standard in care and pain treatment for our patients. To set the benchmark by which all other pain treatments are compared. To get people back to really living their lives.

That’s why we’re evolving our brand: to signify a new moment and movement in freeing the world from pain. True to our vision, we’ll do it by innovating with technology, deliver it with real, human care and compassion, and extend that care to as many lives as we possibly can.

We started this journey by focusing on MSK pain and joint care. Now we’re going after all pain sources. Doing so is the only way we’ll finally create a world that’s free of pain altogether.

Are you ready to join the movement? Get in touch. Let’s work together to solve a big human problem and make pain a problem of the past.

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