Digital Care Program versus Conventional Physiotherapy for Chronic Low Back Pain: Randomized Controlled Study

July 13, 2023
Clinical Study: Nature Digital Medicine clinical study

Study Overview

This randomized controlled trial, conducted in partnership with the Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine Center at Emory University in Atlanta, demonstrated that Sword’s digital physical therapy (PT) program for chronic low back pain promotes the same levels of recovery as the highest-quality in-person PT—with no difference in primary outcomes (disability improvement) or secondary outcomes (pain, anxiety, depression, and overall productivity impairment). While clinical outcomes were equivalent in both groups, the dropout rate for the in-person group was twice that of the digital group. By proving that Sword’s digital care program is just as effective as in-person care—yet more accessible and 2x more engaging—this study established Sword as a benchmark for those living with low back pain.

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