Digital Rehabilitation for Hand and Wrist Pain: A Single-Arm Prospective Longitudinal Cohort Study

September 1, 2022
Clinical Study: Digital rehabilitation for hand and wrist pain

Study Overview

Wrist and/or hand pain is the third most common work-related injury, with a prevalence rate of about 19% It frequently results in long-term absenteeism. In this landmark study, we observed outcomes in members participating in Sword Health’s wrist/hand program, which combines sensor and camera-based feedback. Significant reductions in pain and disability (>50%) translated into 68% reduction in painkiller consumption, 68% recovery of productivity impairment, and 76% reduction in surgery intent. This is the first study showing the feasibility and utility of the camera-based feedback utilized in Sword’s digital care program, demonstrating its ability to address one of the most technologically challenging conditions to manage remotely—wrist and hand conditions.


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