Telerehabilitation of Acute Musculoskeletal Multi-Disorders: Prospective, Single-Arm, Interventional Study

January 4, 2022
Clinical Study: Telerehabilitation of acute musculoskeletal multi-disorders

Study Overview

Acute musculoskeletal (MSK) pain is very common and associated with impaired productivity and high economic burden. Providing effective interventions on the acute and subacute stages is key to preventing the condition from becoming chronic. In this study, Sword Health researchers aimed to assess clinical outcomes and engagement in members going through our acute MSK care programs, regardless of body area. We were able to report an industry-leading completion rate (88%), and observed very significant improvements in pain (64.3%), surgery intent (63% reduction), fear avoidance behaviors (40%) and mental health (54%-58%), fewer members on painkillers by end of program (82%), along with significant reductions in productivity losses (79%).

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