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Combining AI, Data, and Human Expertise to Deliver Personalized, High-Value Healthcare

Learn how SAIC (a Fortune 500 technology integrator) is handling MSK and driving better outcomes at lower costs through its partnership with Sword and Accolade.

Musculoskeletal (MSK) pain is highly prevalent (affecting up to half of all U.S. adults), but also highly personal—every person’s pain is different. In the digital age, a truly personalized healthcare approach prioritizes human connection and expertise, while leveraging intelligent technology to make data-driven decisions and deliver high-quality care at scale.


  • How low-value MSK care affects employees and the bottom line, and where to find savings
  • Why SAIC implemented Sword and Accolade, and how these solutions are improving the employee experience
  • How a digital solution can overcome traditional physical therapy barriers, and improve engagement and outcomes
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