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Employer Srategies for solving the pain epidemic while cutting costs

We are living in an epidemic of chronic pain, with new cases occurring more often among adult Americans than with diabetes, depression or high blood pressure. As a result, employers are seeing more sick days, lower employee productivity and satisfaction—and, ultimately, higher medical costs and lower rates of well-being.

Solving this persistent problem requires more than just a single program. Employers need to take an integrated approach to ensure their people are getting help earlier and throughout their care journey.

In this Sword Health engaging conversation learn about:

  • Why the current focus on 'pain management' is harmful and leads to wasteful spend
  • Supporting your members with a holistic approach that's tailored to their specific pain and challenges
  • Detecting at-risk populations in need of early intervention to avoid costly surgical care
  • How a digital solution can overcome traditional barriers to adherence, lead to lower costs, and improve health equity
  • Best practices for improving enrollment and engagement when introducing virtual therapy
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