Digital Physical Therapy

Best-in-class care from the comfort of your home.

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Online physical therapy instructions
Wearable motion sensors provide feedback
The Solution

What is Digital Physical Therapy?

Digital Physical Therapy pairs a human therapist with Sword Health’s Digital Therapist®. This combination is proven to deliver high-quality care that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

Digital physical therapist member onboarding

Member onboarding

Physical Therapist

Digital physical therapy program creation

Program creation

Physical Therapist

Digital physical therapy session

Therapy Session

Digital Therapist

Real-time feedback and data collection

Real-Time Feedback & Data Collection

Digital Therapist

Review and adjust physical therapy program

Review & Adjustment

Physical Therapist & Digital Therapist

Check-in with your online physical therapist and get support

Check-in & support

Physical Therapist

Clear digital physical therapy instructions

No guesswork

Real-time feedback from your Digital Therapist makes sure you aren't left wondering, "Am I doing this right?"

Accurate program feedback

No gaps

Every movement is captured so your PT knows which exercises were easy, which were challenging, and how to adjust the next session accordingly.

Exercise safely

No compromise

Sword’s motion tracking technology makes sure you are completing each movement with reduced risk of pain or injury.

Under the Hood

What is the Digital Therapist?

The Digital Therapist uses advanced algorithms and motion tracking technology to guide you as you perform your therapeutic exercises and to make sure each exercise is completed correctly.
Precision wearable exercise movement detection

The human connection

Our technology makes physical therapy easy and convenient, while our team of physical therapists provides the expertise and human connection you need.
combined years of experience
years average experience
from underrepresented minority groups
Sword Health dashboard

The most advanced clinical data analysis and dashboard

Our PT Portal allows PTs to review member feedback and progress, tailor treatment plans, and communicate with patients all in one place.
  • Our PTs connect with members on average 3x per week
  • PTs continuously adjust the program after every session
  • Precision data visualization allows PTs to fine tune every program

Seamless Communication with your PT

Chat directly with your dedicated PT using the mobile app. Support is at your fingertips, no appointments or scheduling needed.
“Throughout the program my PT was always there to encourage me and answer my questions. Finally, I wasn't alone with my pain anymore! It's an amazing feeling to have someone rooting for you.”
Sword Member
Sword Health mobile app
Clinical Outcomes

Proven to outperform high-intensity in-person PT

Sword members recovered faster and better when compared to patients receiving in-person PT after surgery.
% Change from control group
better than control group
Sword digital physical therapy
Traditional physical therapy

The most engaging physical therapy solution

Net promoter score = 83
net promoter score
3X PT sessions per week
sessions per week
Reduces MSK pain by 62%
of members are pain free
52% decrease in depression
reduction in depression
Decreases anxiety by 52%
reduction in anxiety
Decreases anxiety by 52%
increase in productivity

Human impact

When I went to a clinic, the therapist just explained the exercise and I did it by myself. With Sword, there is constant feedback and the exercises are adapted to my needs. I am about to recover my shoulder mobility and strength!


Sword member

Being able to do the sessions anytime with my PT support gave me better and faster results than conventional physical therapy. I am so grateful for my PT and to Sword!


Sword member

Enjoy your favorite activities without MSK pain
I've done a lot of conventional PT, but I love doing it with Sword. The exercises challenge me, and I can feel the evolution. I've returned to work and still feel supported by my PT, who answers all my questions and continues to help me make progress.


Sword member

Enjoy an active life with your kids
When I tell people that I complete physical therapy at home with a tablet, they say it should be done in a clinic! But then I tell them what I have access to is better—a physical therapist from my home who prescribes and modifies my exercises that I can do with my tablet. My PT knows what exercises are good and makes changes when necessary!


Sword member

Enjoy your favorite activities without MSK pain
Changing the game

What better healthcare looks like

Equal access to physical therapy
We deliver the highest-quality physical therapy for everyone. If a member needs extra support, we provide assistance such as free internet hotspots.
Programs that are all-inclusive
We built our PT program for everyone. Our digital models and employees represent all races, gender identities, and body types.
Easy, convenient program access
Recovery should be easy. That's why we've built a digital program that you can use from anywhere, anytime.
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Frequently asked questions

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*% of members who enroll in our programs with moderate to severe pain and by the end of the program have only mild or no pain. SWORD BoB outcomes, 2021.


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