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    Our mission

    We’re on a mission to free 2 billion people from pain.

    Our Solutions

    Pain isn’t one-size-fits-all. Our solutions aren’t either.

    Digital Physical Therapy

    Movement is medicine, but poor form can dramatically slow–or even reverse–relief. Sword's Digital Therapist uses sensor technology to deliver real-time feedback. All the movement data is then shared with the PT, who adapts the program based on actual performance. Data > guesswork.


    When pain won’t wait, our on-demand team of Physical Health Specialists is there to help. With 24/7 text-based support across three continents, patients can receive high quality care when and where they need it. No waiting on hold or having to talk to unqualified people first.

    The Academy

    Our benefits go beyond the body. Sword provides members with access to research, videos and tools necessary for a holistic recovery journey. Learn about pain science, how to establish better behaviors, tips for greater mobility flexibility and more — all from the same, trusted clinical source.

    Member Impact

    Life begins where pain ends. We’ll help you get there.

    The combination of powerful technology and a personal connection to our clinical experts leads to life changing recovery.
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    “10 weeks into the program my back pain completely dissolved. It’s like complete freedom of something that’s been terrorizing you 24 hours a day.”
    Sword member
    Reduction in pain2
    Member Satisfaction Score1
    Reduction in anxiety2
    Customer Impact

    Give your people power over pain

    With a member-first approach, we deliver the best experience, highest validated savings, certifications and engagement of any digital musculoskeletal care program.
    It’s the best health and wellness program Logicalis has ever implemented.
    Mark Jenkins
    VP of Human Resources at Logicalis
    Depression reduction2
    Reduction in productivity losses2
    Reduction in surgery intent2

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    Free yourself from pain.
    Free your employees from pain.
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    Free your members from pain.

    Where the strength of our clinical expertise meets the power of technology

    Clinical Integrity
    Powerful Technology
    Member-First Approach
    Industry Innovators
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    Clinical Integrity

    We only use licensed, qualified, and experienced Physical Therapists with thousands of hours of clinical training. We do not use unregulated “health coaches” but instead invest in real clinical experts. We are also the only digital MSK company that uses an FDA-listed device that tracks, detects and corrects movement errors in real time.
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    Powerful Technology

    We created the most advanced sensor technology to capture data during every exercise. Our Digital Therapist delivers the highest quality of feedback with more than 5,000 different messages and can be used on all joints. This feedback is crucial to fast, successful, and long lasting outcomes. It is the reason our members have the highest completion rate vs. any competitor.
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    Member-First Approach

    Each member can self-select their preferred, Doctor of Physical Therapy who best suits their personal and cultural needs. We provide flexible and convenient access, with additional support after hours and on weekends. And for members without reliable high-speed internet, we’ll provide a hotspot connection at no cost to them.
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    Industry Innovators

    We've been the first to do a lot of things, like our FDA-listed Digital Therapist, first to use computer vision, and first to launch a pelvic health solution. We stand by our commitment to always be learning and innovating. In service to our mission, we are the only Digital MSK solution to have partnered with the American Physical Therapy Association to promote research and DEI in Physical Therapy.

    Loved by our members

    We’ve helped thousands of people overcome pain, avoid surgeries, eliminate medications, recover from surgery and get their lives back.
    Cynthia K
    This product has freed me from so much pain and has literally given me my freedom of movement back.
    Cynthia K
    Sword Member
    I really do think that movement is medicine. Sword was instrumental for my knee pain. Had it not been for that, I might not have made it.
    Sword Member
    You have the power to get out of [pain]. It's a very isolating feeling, and this journey has let me be so much more present. I'm excited I get to do this with my kids.
    Sword Member
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