Sword Health Becomes World’s Fastest Growing Virtual Musculoskeletal Solution

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January 7, 2021
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The company saw eight-fold revenue growth and delivered more than 2 million minutes of physical therapy in 2020.

As physical pain skyrockets from long days at the home office, demand for virtual solutions to musculoskeletal (MSK) pain is booming. A survey by Business Group on Health found 71 percent of large employers accelerated telehealth and virtual care offerings for their employees, while 52 percent made the implementation of more virtual care solutions their top priority for 2021. Virtual MSK care has seen the largest growth over the last year and is expected to see exponential growth in the years to come.

Sword Health, a virtual MSK care provider, has quickly gained traction in the market, leading to exponential growth over the last year with eight-fold revenue growth and a nearly five-fold increase in active users in 2020.

“Nearly three out of four potential clients that have evaluated SWORD Health against the competition have chosen our solution,” said Virgilio Bento, CEO of SWORD Health. “Self-insured employers are prioritizing high quality clinical-grade care that is convenient, utilizes licensed physical therapists at every touchpoint, and reduces costs for themselves and their members.”

The company’s comprehensive virtual physical therapy solution, which pairs its members with a Doctor of Physical Therapy, a set of wearable motion sensors, and a tablet that provides them with a dynamic therapeutic exercise program, is the only solution clinically proven to outperform traditional physical therapy. Its technology is FDA-cleared to treat all musculoskeletal patients, and currently offers rehabilitation programs for chronic, acute, and post-surgical conditions of the lower back, shoulder, neck, knee, elbow, hip, ankle, wrist, and lungs.

“Sword Health outshines every other virtual musculoskeletal solution that has emerged over the last few years,” said Brian Marcotte, Sword Health Industry Advisory Board Member and former President and CEO of Business Group on Health. “Its comprehensive clinical model leverages physical therapists throughout a patient’s journey making Swoes Health a truly virtual physical therapy solution.”

About Sword Health

Sword Health is the world’s fastest growing virtual musculoskeletal (MSK) care provider, on a mission to free two billion people from chronic and post-surgical pain. It is the first virtual solution to pair its members with a licensed physical therapist and the Sword Health Digital Therapist, an FDA-listed device with a tablet and motion sensors, to deliver a clinically proven, personalized treatment plan that is more effective, easier and less expensive than the traditional gold standard of care.

Sword Health believes in the power of people to recover at home, without resorting to imaging, surgeries or opioids. Since launching in 2015, SWORD Health has worked with insurers, health systems and employers in the U.S., Europe and Australia to make quality physical therapy more accessible to everyone. Learn more at swordhealth.com.

About Sword Health’s Digital Therapist

The Sword Health Digital Therapist is an FDA-listed technology that guides every member through a therapeutic exercise program that was designed just for them by their licensed physical therapist. With over 5,000 feedback messages designed for over 100 exercises, the Digital Therapist gives members live, dynamic feedback on their performance as they go, so they can perform exercises correctly and without pain, at home. After every session, every member’s physical therapist receives data gathered by the Digital Therapist, and they can analyze their members’ performance, update their members’ programs, and give members 1:1 coaching and education through the Sword Health app.

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