What Freedom From Pain Makes Possible: Meet Sword Member Chandra

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January 5, 2024
What Freedom From Pain Makes Possible: Read Chandra’s Testimonial

Sword member Chandra first experienced pain while growing up in Los Angeles, California. “It started in my teenage years,” she said, “playing sports and not really having access or the knowledge to know how to take care of myself after.” Throughout her twenties and beyond, Chandra’s pain lingered, even as she took up weight training and powerlifting. Despite how much she enjoyed lifting, pain in her left shoulder and bicep limited what she was able to accomplish in the gym. “The pain definitely did limit me, as far as how much weight I could go up, or certain exercises I could do.”

Her pain had kept her in and out of the gym for years. “Sometimes the pain got to be too much,” Chandra said, “and I had to let my body rest.” Now a healthcare executive living in Atlanta, Georgia, Chandra tried one last time to get back into the gym. “When I picked it back up about a year ago, my pain was significantly worse. When I tried to do some type of chest press exercise, my arm would bottom out because I wasn't able to push forward with it.” Chandra knew that in order to find relief from her pain, she needed help. “I realized,” Chandra said, “that this was a little bigger than I could handle on my own.”

She visited a provider who gave her a prescription for physical therapy (PT). But Chandra traveled extensively for work, which left her wondering how she would make time for the commute, waiting rooms, and appointment times that are to be expected with traditional PT. “I was sitting there wondering, ‘How the heck am I going to pull off physical therapy?’” Chandra said. She received a notification in the mail about Sword’s digital PT program from her employer, and began hearing Sword success stories from coworkers, too. “Some other employees that had opted to use Sword told me, ‘This is working, I can do it around my own schedule,’ and they were very excited.” So Chandra decided to enroll.

Almost immediately, Chandra noticed a significant improvement in her range of motion and a daily reduction in her pain. She found the kit and tablet easy to use. “I felt like the set up was incredibly easy,” Chandra said, “and I didn’t have any technical issues.” Even when traveling for work, Chandra was able to complete her exercises. She was also impressed with the consistent communication and flexible approach of her dedicated Doctor of Physical Therapy. Sometimes working fifteen- or sixteen-hour days, Chandra had to miss a session—and her PT supported her every step of the way. “My physical therapist used positive reinforcement; he didn’t guilt me, or make me feel bad for missing something. He made it fun.”

Despite her increased range of motion, Chandra was still struggling at the gym. She eventually saw an orthopedic surgeon who recommended surgery. But Chandra credits Sword—her work with the program both before and after her operation—with the results she sees today. “I regained my full range of motion in about four to five weeks post surgery, which was quickly to say the least. If I hadn’t utilized Sword, I don’t feel like I’d be healing nearly as quickly… And that I’m supremely grateful for.” Today, Chandra no longer experiences pain in her left shoulder, and has full range of motion. “Sword has made a humongous difference.”

Before Sword, Chandra wasn’t able to simply lift her arm above her head. Now, she can. “I was able to do that prior to surgery, because of Sword, and now I can do it four or five weeks after surgery, because of Sword.” Chandra’s recovery journey shows the value of PT, whether that’s post- or pre-op, getting you back in the gym, or just getting you back to a pain-free life.

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